Cutlery Tray SKY - 550 - Dark Grey in the group Storage  / All Storage / Drawer Interior & Cutlery Drawers at BeslagOnline (besticklada_sky_550_gra)
Cutlery Tray SKY - 550 - Dark Grey
Cutlery Tray SKY - 550 - Dark Grey
Beslag Design

Cutlery Tray SKY - 550 - Dark Grey

Cutlery drawer Sky optimizes the space in the cutlery drawer both in depth and width and helps you keep order in the kitchen drawer. Fits Legra and Vionaro boxes with 16mm frame and can be cut max 15mm to the desired size to fit other boxes. With a cutlery box, it becomes easier to keep track of your cutlery and utensils, so you can quickly find what you need in the kitchen drawer and get started with the food. The cutlery drawer also protects the kitchen drawer from scratches and other damage that may occur.
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Box width: 
  • Specifications
  • Box Deep: 550 mm
    Width: 325 mm, 425 mm, 525 mm
    Depth: 524 mm
    Height: 52 mm
    Box width: 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
    Material: Plastic
    Model: Cutlery Tray
    Brand: Beslag Design
  • Product info
Available varieties:
Cutlery Tray SKY - 500 - Dark Grey/bilder/artiklar/liten/besticklada_sky_500_gra_S.jpg?m=1582640101
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