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Terms & Conditions 

The following conditions apply to all deliveries from Beslag Online. The terms apply in cases where no other written agreement between you as buyer and Beslag Online has been done. Your order will be processed as soon as possible, however no earlier than the next business day from the time you placed your order.

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Beslag Online cannot be held responsible if the customer places the right order in the webshop. It is always the customer's responsibility that the given order on www.beslagonline.com is correctly filled. There is no compensation for financial losses in connection with any delayed delivery. This applies regardless of whether it is the shipping company or Beslag Online who is responsible for the delay.


When your order is placed, a purchase agreement is made between you and Beslag Online. Confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address you provided when you made your purchase. Should any errors in price, delivery time or other circumstances occur, Beslag Online reserves the right to change this afterwards. Should this occur, we will contact you and inform you. You then have the option to change or cancel your order. Beslag Online does not enter into agreements with persons who are not of legal age (18 years). Beslag Online reserves the right to refuse an order.

Price and payment

We offer Klarna Checkout (Klarna) as a payment method. Klarna offers several different payment options for you as a customer, Klarna presents some information to you as soon as you are identified. Once you have been identified, Klarna will show you what options are available to you. Your payment period begins when the order is shipped from our warehouse. For contact information and further information about Klarna, go to klarna.com or use/download their app. 

Payment options

When you choose to pay by invoice, Klarna offers you the option to pay within 14 days of your purchase. Your invoice will be activated and sent to you via the e-mail address you provided at the time of purchase. The invoice is sent at the same time as your order is sent from our warehouse. If your order is part-delivered, a partial invoice will be sent to your e-mail address via Klarna.

Split your payment
You can choose to split your payment on multiple payment occasions for a fixed monthly fee as well as an interest cost. You can pay off the entire remaining debt at any time, then your account with Klarna will automatically close.

Direct Payment
With Klarnas Pay directly you can make a payment from your bank account with mobile bank ID. Automatic withdrawal from your bank account, is based on direct debit and your account is debited approximately two business days after the purchase has been completed or the item has been shipped. In the case of bank transfer, your account is debited immediately after the order has been placed.

Bank Cards 
In Klarna Checkout you can also choose to pay directly with one of the following bank cards: VISA, Mastercard.


All prices we have on the site are inclusive of VAT. If you have purchased a product at an obviously incorrect price, we will contact you and in these cases we reserve the right to adjust the price, as well as charge the difference, alternatively allow you to cancel the purchase and receive a refund. We also reserve ourselves for printing errors and errors in our marketing, newsletters and other external communications. In these channels, the same applies as for obviously incorrect prices on the site.

Delivery & Transport

The delivery time is based on the products you have ordered. Our webshop shows an approximate delivery time for each product. This is the delivery time that applies unless otherwise stated by Beslag Online, usually the delivery time is 2-4 working days. We process your order on the first working day after your order was made. Beslag Online sends a delivery confirmation with tracking number via e-mail when your order has left our warehouse.

Delayed deliveries

In exceptional cases, certain deviations or delays may occur in whole or in part of your order, therefore Beslag Online would like to alert you not to book any craftsmen the day your delivery is expected to arrive. Beslag Online does not replace lost time with your artisan because of delayed delivery. Please note that the shipping companies may not always be able to deliver on the exact delivery date as there may be a delivery delay. It is therefore good to place your order well in advance. Delivery of goods from Beslag Online is considered complete when the customer has received his order. Transport of the goods is the responsibility of the relevant carrier and the agreement between Beslag Online and the carrier is what applies.

Packages that are not retrieved

We reserve the right to charge the costs of handling incurred in unpacked packages. Your package will normally remain with the agent / terminal for 14 days after it arrives. Should you not pick up your package within 14 days, the package will return to us and we will charge you €8 for package that are not retrieved.

Documentation and guidance

If there are product descriptions and manuals for a product, they can be found under the product on the webshop. Beslag Online guarantees that all our products meet the requirements for CE marking.

Privacy Policy

When you send an application to Beslag Online, your personal information is registered in our system. In accordance with GDPR, you must approve and consent to us registering your information which you do when you submit your application or make a purchase. You have the right to receive information and request correction of incorrect personal data and to have the personal data deleted. Read more about our privacy policy here.


Contact our customer service via email info@beslagonline.com. Our goal is to respond to your email within 24 hours.