About Beslag Online

Beslag Online is part of Beslag Design AB and has its registered office in the north, more specifically Sweden. We have long experience and expertise of the products we sell. We sell to consumers and our ambition is to provide our customers with cabinet knobs, handles, hooks, storage, lighting and bathroom accessories that both fulfill their function and are stylish in the home. Our goal is also to be the best reseller of the products we sell in the markets we operate on. We want to be the obvious choice when it comes to choosing accessories and design products for the home.

We have Denmark's, Sweden's, Norway's and England's widest range of handles and knobs, we offer fast deliveries and quality assured products for bathrooms, furniture and kitchens. In our broad product portfolio we have materials such as copper, brass, tin, leather, aluminum, stainless steel, black, chrome, walnut, birch, ash and oak. Because of the various materials we offer our customers, it is easy to find the alternative that is right for you. We therefore try to ensure that we can offer the product that is in demand, whether it is a modern design that the customer is looking for or something that is better suited in the slightly more classic or rural environments.

Our target audience is anyone who, in one way or another, seeks renewal in their home, whether you have bought a new kitchen, wanna give old furniture a new life or has renovated the bathrooms, we want to give everyone the opportunity to shop their products with us, and of course be satisfied with the purchase!


Beslag Online
Inre Kustvägen 32
269 43 Båstad
Registration number: 559023-4430