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Drilling Template for Handles & Knobs
Drilling Template for Handles & Knobs
Drilling Template for Handles & Knobs
Drilling Template for Handles & Knobs
Beslag Design

Drilling Template for Handles & Knobs

The drilling template is designed to facilitate the assembly of both knobs and handles. The template is easy to use and helps you drill in the right place so you get the same distance on each cabinet door and drawer front. An easy way to ensure perfect placement and easy assembly.

The drill template has a notch in the middle to facilitate placement on the box or door, the drill template is designed so it can be hung on the box or door. There are 8 holes in height and 17 holes in length, the middle row is mainly intended for placement of buds, there are eight different c / c dimensions. 256mm is the longest and the smallest is 32mm. The holes in the template have a diameter of 3 millimeters.

All of our handles come with M4 screws, the head of the screw is 4mm and the threaded part is 3.3mm. We, therefore, recommend using a drill that is 3.3 mm.

Do as follows:
  1. Measure or check on our website which c / c measure your handle has.
  2. Measure the drawer or door on which you want to place the handle or knob to get the center out. Feel free to use a piece of tape to mark on to avoid unnecessary marks.
  3. Hang on the drill template and mark the holes with a pencil or similar. A tip is to also have a piece of tape behind here, both to avoid markings and to get as perfect a hole as possible and to avoid chips.
  4. Drill holes.
  5. Mount your new handles with the included M4 screw.
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  • Specifications
  • Diameter Ø: hål Ø:3 mm
    Length: 279 mm
    Depth: 16,5 mm
    Height: 81,5 mm
    Finish: Transparent
    Style: Classic, Modern
    Brand: Beslag Design
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