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LED-Profile LD8104 - 2000mm - Black in the group Lighting / All Lighting / LED Strip Lights at BeslagOnline (973500)
LED-Profile LD8104 - 2000mm - Black
LED-Profile LD8104 - 2000mm - Black
Beslag Design

LED-Profile LD8104 - 2000mm - Black

Minimal LED profile with our brightest LED strip Minimal LED profile, only 6 mm wide. Used with LED strip Flexy 2216 HP4, a 4mm wide LED strip with 240 diodes per meter. LD8104 can be mounted recessed or surface mounted. The black profile and the black lens hood mean that the luminaire is effectively camouflaged when it is mounted in frames with dark colors.

Diffuser not included!

Fits only LED strip Flexy 2216 HP4.
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  • Specifications
  • Recessed Depth: 10 mm
    Recessed Width: 6,4 mm
    Length: 2000 mm
    Width: 6,4 mm
    Finish: Black
    Model: LED-Profile
    Brand: Beslag Design
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