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LED-Profile Apex - 2000mm
LED-Profile Apex - 2000mm
LED-Profile Apex - 2000mm
LED-Profile Apex - 2000mm
Domus Line

LED-Profile Apex - 2000mm

LED Profile Apex is an elegant LED Profile that creates a luxurious feeling in the home. Profile for milling. The profile can be placed both vertically and horizontally and fits well in kitchen cabinets and drawers, in display cabinets and wardrobes. For spaces like these, we recommend our weaker LED strips. The profile can of course also be used for stronger light, perfect under countertops to give a luxurious impression.

For a dimmer light we recommend the LED strip Flexy HE6 PW PRO and for a stronger light we recommend the LED strip Flexy SHE6 PW PRO. Without tape to easily place the LED strip in the profile.

The profile in combination with our LED strips creates a wonderful light without visible diodes. Depending on whether the profile is used for continuous tracks or not, it is adapted with different end terminations. Therefore, feel free to supplement Apex with an end finish that suits your wishes.

Including diffuser.

To be able to mist via dimmer on the wall, we recommend the Triac driver. This drive works well together with, for example, Plejd, Triac can be connected to both Alexa and Google home, which enables both dimmer on the wall and the modern alternative, voice control and remote control via smartphones. If you are just looking for the modern option, we recommend Drivdon X-driver which is supplemented with power cable X-driver and control module X-driver.
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  • Specifications
  • Recessed Depth: 11 mm
    Recessed Width: 9 mm
    Length: 2000 mm
    Width: 10 mm
    Depth: 10,5 mm
    Finish: White
    Model: LED-Profile
    Style: Modern
    Brand: Domus Line
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