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LED-Profile Micy - 2000mm - Aluminium  in the group Lighting / All Lighting / LED Strip Lights at BeslagOnline (973660)
LED-Profile Micy - 2000mm - Aluminium
LED-Profile Micy - 2000mm - Aluminium
LED-Profile Micy - 2000mm - Aluminium
LED-Profile Micy - 2000mm - Aluminium
Beslag Design

LED-Profile Micy - 2000mm - Aluminium

Micy is a neatly recessed LED profile that is well suited for work surfaces, for example in the kitchen to illuminate the kitchen counter or in the office to get good lighting. The profile can be placed both vertically and horizontally, mounting is easy with clips.

The pictures show a pre-assembled complete product. Therefore, do not forget to supplement the profile with Micy lens hood, Micy mounting clips, Micy end caps and LED stripes to get a complete product.
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  • Specifications
  • Recessed Depth: 10,5 mm
    Recessed Width: 14,5 mm
    Length: 2000 mm
    Width: 21 mm
    Depth: 10 mm
    Finish: Aluminium
    Model: LED-Profile
    Style: Classic, Modern
    Brand: Beslag Design
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Accessories we recommend

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