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Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray in the group Storage  / All Storage / Waste sorting solution at BeslagOnline (210005058)
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray
Beslag Design

Organic waste bin - Hero - Dark Gray

Hero is a recycling bin specialized in collecting food waste. The recycling bin can be used with all different types of bags, which makes the bin work in all countries. Its design makes it possible to place the bin in almost all kitchen drawers and cabinets. The airy design ventilates the entire bag and minimizes moisture and bad odor. Pre-molding does not start as long as the container is fully ventilated, which results in the bag remaining dry. The recycling bin is equipped with a folding handle which makes it easy and easy to move the container. Hero can be used for so much more than just food waste. It is perfect to have on the boat, in the cleaning cupboard for storage or for storing cleaning supplies for the car. As the container ventilates, wipes and sponges dry faster.

Sweden has long been a role model when it comes to handling food waste, sorting and recycling. Now the whole world has realized how important it is and various forms of requirements and legislation are drawn up. By 2023, all EU countries must take care of and collect food waste. Hero is the solution that the whole world will need in the near future.
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  • Specifications
  • Width: 290 mm
    Depth: 190 mm
    Height: 295 mm
    Brand: Beslag Design
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