Roller Rail 500 - Left - 224/256mm - White |
Roller Rail 500/19 - Left - 224/256mm - White in the group Storage  / All Storage / Cupboard Interior at Beslag Online (152001031)
Roller Rail 500/19 - Left - 224/256mm - White

Roller Rail 500/19 - Left - 224/256mm - White

This is the rail that fits all wardrobe inserts in our range. The roller rails are equipped with wheels of new loans so that the inserts roll quietly and smoothly. Choose between a distance of 16 or 19 millimeters frame, this stops the baskets from rolling off. The roller rails are available in three different designs, dark gray, silver and white so that you can create harmony in your wardrobe.

This roller rail has a frame of 19mm and should sit on the left side of the wardrobe. Therefore, do not forget to complete the roller rail and order both right and left, as well as screws.

Can handle loads up to 15kg.
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