Screw Pin M4x50mm - 10-Pack |
Screw Pin M4x50mm - 10-Pack in the group Kitchen Handles / All Handles / Screws & Accessories at Beslag Online (744501-210)
Screw Pin M4x50mm - 10-Pack
Beslag Design

Screw Pin M4x50mm - 10-Pack

A screw pin from Beslag Design. The screw pin is equipped with a wooden screw at one end and an M-thread at the other. Perfect if you would like to use our knobs as a wall hook, then the screw pin fits perfectly!

M4x50mm - 10-Pack
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  • Specifications
  • Length: 95 mm
    Width: 70 mm
    Depth: 20 mm
    Brand: Beslag Design
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