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Cabinet Knobs & Drawer Knobs

Here we have gathered our wide range of cabinet knobs. We offer a little more than 200 variants in modern, classic, rural or Scandinavian design. Are looking for buds for the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet or the drawers in the bedroom, we have it! Our kitchen knobs and furniture knobs are available in a variety of designs and variants. We have brass knobs, wooden knobs, and knobs in chrome and stainless. All to get a good balance and breadth in our range. Most models fit well with some of our handles. Just changing buds at home makes a big difference. It is not always necessary to invest in a completely new kitchen to get a new feel in the home, it is often enough to just change the knobs and handles! This also applies when you are considering replacing a piece of furniture in the home, often it will be a better and cheaper result to possibly repaint the furniture and mount on new knobs or handles and thus give the furniture a longer life! All our knobs are supplied with screws, screws that fits standard doors. A standard door has a thickness of 16-20mm.
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Classic Modern Retro
Knobs With Back Plate Knurled Knobs Oval Knobs Ribbed Knobs Round Knobs Square Knobs T-shaped Knobs
Antique Finish Black Brass Carrara Marble Cast Iron Chrome Copper Dark Bronze Glass Greige Grey Leather Nickel-Plated Other Colors Porcelain Red Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Finish White Wood
Diameter Ø
10 mm 13 mm 14 mm 15 mm 16 mm 17 mm 18 mm 20 mm 21 mm 22 mm 24 mm 25 mm 25/20 mm 25/21 mm 26 26 mm 27 mm 28 mm 29,4 mm 30 mm 30,5 mm 30/22 mm 31 mm 32 32 mm 33 mm 34 mm 34,8 mm 35 mm 35/30 mm 36 mm 37 mm 38 mm 40 mm 41 mm 42 mm 44 mm 45 mm 46 mm 48 mm 50 mm 64 mm 65 mm 7 mm
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Knobs for Drawers and Doors

Let us inspire you with knobs, drawer knobs, and cabinet knobs. A knob is a small detail that can make a big difference in a room or on a piece of furniture. Whether it's on a piece of furniture, on the kitchen cabinet, the dresser, or on the wardrobe doors, the choice of knob can create a new impression and character. We have a wide range of knobs in a variety of shapes, allowing you to find a knob that suits your interior style. Our round knobs are very popular and classic, making them timeless, but we also have the latest trends in knobs designed with the latest designs.

Which knobs to choose & what to consider?

When choosing knobs for drawers or cabinets, there are a few things to consider before deciding on size and material.

  1. Style and interior - Your choice of knobs should complement the interior and style of the room where you will install the knobs. You can either choose knobs that blend into the interior and become a subtle detail, or you can choose knobs that stand out and become an eye-catching detail in the room.
  2. Material - We have knobs in various materials such as metal, brass, wood, and leather. There can be a significant difference in the feel of a wooden knob compared to a brass knob; a wooden knob is a bit softer and warmer.
  3. Size and shape - The size and shape of the knobs are important for both appearance and functionality. For larger drawers and cabinets, it may be more aesthetically pleasing to install a knob that is larger in diameter, and similarly, for smaller drawers, a smaller knob may be more appropriate. Also, consider if there are heavy drawers to be opened; it is convenient to buy a knob that is easy to grip, so you can easily open your drawers and doors. An example of a user-friendly knob is our T-shaped knobs, which are stylish and provide a really good grip, making it easy to open your drawers.

Knobs - increasingly popular to install

In recent years, there has been a change in design and interior trends regarding drawers and cabinets. Previously, it was common to install handles on doors and drawers, but now knobs have become increasingly popular. An interesting development in kitchen design is that kitchen manufacturers have started using lighter materials to make drawers and doors. Previously, drawers and cabinets were often made of heavy and massive materials, making them more difficult to pull out or open, and therefore handles were often mounted on doors and drawers to get a good grip. This change has had a significant impact on the use of knobs, and as a result, knobs have become increasingly popular on kitchen doors and drawers.

Knobs have the ability to add a unique personal touch to drawers and cabinets. Another advantage of knobs is their versatility. You can easily replace the knobs to renew and change the appearance of your furniture or kitchen doors; you never have to worry about the center-to-center measurement as with handles, as it is just a hole and a screw on a knob. Knobs can also be a slightly more economical alternative to handles.

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