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Handle A2 in beech from Beslag Design
Handle A2 - Beech
Handle A2 - Beech
Handle A2 - Beech
Beslag Design

Handle A2 - Beech

Handle A2 is a wooden handle made of beech from Beslag Design. The handle has round corners which gives a soft impression. A classic wooden handle that fits nicely on different furniture. The handle is available in two different lengths with C/C dimensions 96mm and 128mm. The C/C dimension is the distance between the screw holes.
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  • Specifications
  • C/C (Distance Screw Holes): 128 mm, 96 mm
    Measurements of the foot: 16 mm
    Length: 112 mm, 144 mm
    Width: 16 mm
    Depth: 36 mm
    Material: Beech
    Finish: Beech
    Model: Handles
    Style: Classic, Retro
    Screws included: Yes, fits cabinet front 16-19mm
    Brand: Beslag Design
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