Knob 409 - 32mm - Tin/Porcelain in the group Cabinet Knobs / Color/Material / White  at BeslagOnline (391111-11)
Knob 409 is a stylish knob in porcelain from Beslag Design.
Knob 409 - 32mm - Tin/Porcelain
Beslag Design

Knob 409 - 32mm - Tin/Porcelain

Stylish porcelain knob with a nice detail at the end of the knob that is available in the designs antique, nickel-plated or pewter. Easy to match the bud with other materials and details. Knob 409 is a classic and stylish retro knob from Beslag Design.
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  • Specifications
  • Diameter: 37 mm
    Depth: 28 mm
    Material: Porcelain
    Finish: Tin/Porcelain
    Model: Knob
    Form: Round Knobs
    Style: Retro
    Screws included: Yes, fits cabinet front 16-19mm
    Brand: Beslag Design
  • Product info
Available varieties:
Knob 409 - 32mm - Antique/Porcelain/bilder/artiklar/liten/3911-11_S.jpg?m=1619427702
Knob 409 - 32mm - Nickel-plated/Porcelain/bilder/artiklar/liten/39111-11_S.jpg?m=1619427726
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