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LED-Strip Flexy LED SHE6 - D-M - No Tape
Domus Line

LED-Strip Flexy LED SHE6 - D-M - No Tape

FLEXY LED SHE6 D-M is an LED strip that is 6mm wide and has 180 diodes per meter. The lighting can be dimmed and also the regulation of the color temperature is possible, from warm to cold light, to create a different atmosphere depending on the occasion. To enable this, there are two options, either via a remote control or via an application in the phone that also enables voice control with, for example, Alexa or Google Home.

To be able to control the lighting via remote control, you need, remote control easi together with drive easi.

Should you want to control the lighting with your phone via an application or via for example Google Home or Alexa - supplement the lighting with our driver X-driver D-M together with a control module that is purchased separately.

The LED strip is compatible with the following profiles: apex, miss, and lab.

Choose between three different lengths and three different voltage levels. 1000mm - voltage 10, 2000mm - voltage 20 and 3000mm - voltage 30.

Fits perfectly in the wardrobe for extra lighting, in the kitchen, or in the display cabinet, it is only your own imagination that sets the limits.

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  • Specifications
  • Connection type: Micro24
    Voltage (V): 24 V
    Length: 1000 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm
    Width: 6 mm
    Depth: 1,3 mm
    Model: LED-Strip
    Effect (W): 10 W, 20 W, 30 W
    Brand: Domus Line
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