Towel racks and towel hooks to the bath room

Here you will find a large selection of towel racks in different colors and models, everything from towel racks to hooks and self-adhesive hooks that are easy to assemble. To make the bathroom complete and easy to use and keep tidy, our bathroom accessories such as rails and bathroom hooks can help. With a towel hanger in the bathroom you can easily hang up your towels or bath towels in a neat and smooth way and reduce the drying time. More colors give more interior design possibilities, we have both chrome, stainless steel, brass and black towel racks and bathroom hooks made in stylish design from the brand Beslag Design. We have hooks that are a little softer in design with rounded edges but also hooks with a rougher style for those who prefer it, put your personal touch in the bathroom.

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Base 200 Towel Rail - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/605230-21_S.jpg
Base 200 Towel Rail - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/606046-21_S.jpg
Base 200 Towel Rail - Polished Brass/bilder/artiklar/liten/605211-21_S.jpg
Base 200 Towel Rail - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/606047-21_S.jpg
Base 100 Towel Rail - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/606041-21_S.jpg
Base 100 Towel Rail - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/606042_S.jpg
Solid Towel Rail - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/620014_S.jpg
Solid Towel Rail - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/620034_S.jpg
Base 200 1-Hook - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/605220-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 2-Hook - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/605222-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 4-Hook - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/605224-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 1-Hook - Polished Brass/bilder/artiklar/liten/605202-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 2-Hook - Polished Brass Finish/bilder/artiklar/liten/605204-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 4-Hook - Polished Brass/bilder/artiklar/liten/605206-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 1-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/60408-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 2-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/60409-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 4-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/60412-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 1-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/60508-21_S.jpg
Base 200 2-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/60509-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 200 4-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/60512-21_S.jpg
Self-adhesive tape
Base 100 1-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/60506-21_S.jpg
Base 100 2-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/60507-21_S.jpg
Base 100 4-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/60511-21_S.jpg
Base 100 1-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/60406-21_S.jpg
Base 100 2-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/60407-21_S.jpg
Base 100 4-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/60411-21_S.jpg
Solid 1-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel (2-pack)/bilder/artiklar/liten/620021-21_S.jpg
Solid 2-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/620022-21_S.jpg
Solid 4-Hook - Brushed Stainless Steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/620024-21_S.jpg
Solid 2-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/620002-21_S.jpg
Solid 4-Hook - Chrome/bilder/artiklar/liten/620004-21_S.jpg


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