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Five Oceans

Five Oceans has a unique range of products that combine stylish packaging with high performance and green technology. Five Oceans uses locally grown, natural and biodegradable ingredients with a long-term environmental focus. All products are manufactured in Sweden, where production and development takes place with low water and energy consumption, green transport and sustainable packaging choices. Five Oceans comes in recyclable bottles that are made from 100% recycled plastic. The products are completely vegan and contain no animal ingredients. Five Oceans cleaning products make your home sparkling clean with minimal environmental impact and at the same time look good on the sink, environmentally friendly cleaning at its absolute best. Fabric Oceans Fabric Freshener keeps your clothes fresh between washes. Five Oceans hand soap and lotion fit perfectly in our self-adhesive soap pump holders and give you an easy-to-clean bathroom with a hotel look.
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