Cabinet Knob 401 Care - Stainless Steel Finish |
Cabinet Knob 401 Care - Stainless Steel Finish in the group Cabinet Knobs / Color/Material / Stainless at BeslagOnline (39037C-11)
Cabinet Knob 401 Care - Stainless Steel Finish
Cabinet Knob 401 Care - Stainless Steel Finish
Beslag Design

Cabinet Knob 401 Care - Stainless Steel Finish

Cabinet knob 401 in stainless steel finish is an oval-shaped knob in a country style that fits perfectly in a classic or country kitchen. Knob 401 is part of the Beslag Designs Care range, which is a series of knobs and handles which are protected from a coating of bacteria through a surface treatment with antibacterial properties. This reacts and kills bacteria on the painted surface with as much as 85% in 15 minutes and 99.5% in 2 hours. A more hygienic product results in the number of transmitted bacteria being reduced both to the user and products in its immediate environment.

This technology can not replace good hygiene and cleaning routines but definitely contributes to better hygiene.
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Available varieties:
Cabinet Knob 401 Care - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/39038C-11_S.jpg?m=1616147723
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  • Specifications
  • Measurements of the foot: 25 mm
    Length: 40 mm
    Width: 29 mm
    Depth: 40 mm
    Material: Zinc
    Finish: Stainless Steel Finish
    Model: Knob
    Form: Oval Knobs
    Style: Classic, Retro
    Screws included: Yes, fits cabinet front 16-19mm
    Brand: Beslag Design
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