LED-Strip Flexy CR HE IP44 - 3400K in the group Lighting / All Lighting / LED Strip Lights at BeslagOnline (bel-CR-HE-IP44)
LED-Strip Flexy CR HE IP44 - 3400K
LED-Strip Flexy CR HE IP44 - 3400K
LED-Strip Flexy CR HE IP44 - 3400K
Beslag Design

LED-Strip Flexy CR HE IP44 - 3400K

LED strip Flexy CR HE IP44 has a flexible plug-n-play function. The LED strip is equipped with 120 diodes per meter.

Flexible LED strips give you great opportunities for a varied lighting environment. An excellent choice regardless of whether you want to use it for decorative and / or functional lighting. Place the LED strip open or hidden, high or low, crooked or straight. Only your imagination limits the possibilities.

The LED strip has an adhesive back for easy installation. Has IP class 44.
Divisible into modules of 50mm.

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  • Specifications
  • Brightness (at 500mm): 750 lux
    Color Rendering (CRI): >80 CRI
    Connection type: Micro 24
    Light flux (lm): 85 Im/W
    Voltage (V): 24 V
    Length: 1000 mm, 2000 mm
    Width: 8 mm
    Depth: 4 mm
    Model: LED-Strip
    Effect (W): 19,2 W, 9,60 W
    Brand: Beslag Design
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